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29/03/2012 01:00

It's only been a year since we chose a new design for our club jerseys, but time flies, and already the first batch of new kit has arrived.

Only half the delivery was pre-ordered by club members, so we now have a selection of tops available for you to buy. We have long and short sleeved tops, with either full or quarter length zips in a range of sizes, as well as one pair of bib shorts, and a buff. There is only a small selection of kit in stock, so if you don't want to wait for a new order you'll have to get in quick.

We will be putting in another order as soon as there is sufficient demand, so if you're not in a hurry, or you're just not quick enough we can still get you what you want.

To see what is available to order, check out the manufacturer's website. Use the links on the right hand side to get to the descriptions of the kit, but ignore the BS about infra red light etc...


If you want to buy a top, try one on, or order something we haven't got, either drop me an email to dave@beamishoddsox.co.uk or give me a call on 07778892789

New Post
01/04/2012 14:33

The kit is going fast! Here's a list of what we've got left.


  • Short sleeve 1/4 zip Small x 1       £34
  • Short sleeve 1/4 zip Medium x 1   £34
  • Long sleeve full zip Medium x 1    £39
  • Long sleeve full zip Large x 2   1    £39
  • Long sleeve full zip X-Large x 1    £39
  • Long sleeve 1/4 zip Medium x 1    £37
  • Long sleeve 1/4 zip X-Large x 1    £37
  • Bib Shorts Medium x 1                    £48
  • Buff x 1                                               £6.50


If you want to reserve anything, email me at dave@beamishoddsox.co.uk, or phone/text on 0777 889 2789, or just leave a message here, and tell me what type and size you want. If you want to try any of the kit on, or just see it in person, get in touch and we'll arrange something.


Don't worry if the top you want isn't in stock now, we'll be putting another order in as soon as we can (probably within the next few weeks). There is a massive range of stuff available, so have a look at the manufacturer's website (www.carvalhocustom.com), and we'll get it added to the list. The next order should be a LOT quicker to arrive, as we won't have to go through all the setup etc.


*Edited to keep stock up to date*

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