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24/06/2011 20:46

Hi Guys, 

I'm off tomorrow to ride High Cup Nick from Cow Green reservoir. Just wondered if anyone had rode this and any thoughts on the best way round. 

At the moment I plan to ride Cow Green - High Cup Nick -drop to Dufton - Pennine Way climb up Knock Fell - Tynehead - Cow Green. 

Any advice or recommendations is much appreciated.


Cheers, Mark.

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24/06/2011 22:04
Done that route many times, and to be honest, that's probably the best way to do it. It's a slog up the road to Great Dunn Fell/The golf Ball, but at least it's all rideable. If your navigation's up to it, there's a shortcut across Metalband hill, just after you cross the Tees. Head directly east and you cut out a huge piece of road descent/climb, for the sake of half a mile's slog through heather and one small stream crossing.

It's worth noting that the track down Trout Beck is all but absent, once it turns north eastwards. It cris-crosses the river, and is mostly just boggy singletrack. Still way more pleasant than slogging back up from Dufton to High Cup though.

PS. Take your camera for high cup nick...
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27/06/2011 12:15

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback, I wish we had taken the bridleway climb and cut across - however the pennine way was basically unrideable and we ended up on a 3hr hike a bike including a tees crossing! 

I'll give the bigger route past Gregs hut and ove cross fell go when the suns shining.


Cheers, Mark.

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03/07/2011 19:23
We did high cup to dufton then knock and the radar station tarmac climb for the bridleway to tynehead. Thought the bridleway out of High Dun Fell was in quite good shape to be honest.Tried taking the short cut which was hard work and wished we had used the road section out of Tynehead. Has anybody used the Penine Way from the radar to Dufton ? Another group of lads were doing in reverse and said it is permissible for bikes ! Not possible to ride up it to the radar station thoough. Would cut out a tarmac descent if u did ! Anybody got any knowledge on that one ?

It will soon be snowing again
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05/07/2011 17:58
Anybody got anything to add ? Sorry no files but let me know and I will PM you.

Hi Ben,

This is the ride Pam and I did at the weekend.

:- High Cup Clockwise from Cow Green

The ride along Trout Beck requires a bit of imagination at times. The route we did included a shortcut across metal band hill but I use the term loosely since its not very pleasant going. Previously we followed the track towards tyne head and then cut back along the road to pick-up the footpath. The fp is actually a good wide track and no stiles that I remember (we did it last year with Tont on the SSR heading west).

The alternative gpx to metal band hill is.

:- Alternative to push and carry on metal band hill

The there is this is a big route that is well worth considering.

:- CowG Garigill Dufton HighC anticlockwise

The riding upto Cross Fell past Greg’s hut is a monster climb but straight forward however Tont confirms as does a post on STW that the B/W down to Kirkland is good.


There is indeed a short cut but it misses out High Cup Nick climb from Dufton which is up the tarmac bridleway to Great Dun Fell and then Trout Beck etc.

:- Escape route from anti clockwise loop

The only other options you have if you do the anti-clockwise version is to turn east on Cross Fell then return via Trout Beck or descend on the Tarmac B/Way from the Radar station or and this bit I cannot confirm, the Pennine Way has been paved and some guys told me they used it as a route to Dufton thus missing out Knock.

High Cup Nick when travelling south along the Pennine Way is amazing as it reveals itself in one hit so breath taking. From the other direction it kinda spoils the effect but still good.

See photos…


This is a wild wilderness place and it has some unique weather patterns so be warned !

It will soon be snowing again
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18/07/2011 15:39

Hi Steve,

Yeah we managed to get round but it was a nightmare. We ended up taking the pennine way out of Dufton, this presented at first a difficult (but doable climb), however the track was only really suitable for climbing on foot - we did most of it with the bikes on our backs or pushing!  So the Pennine Way really is unpassable to bikes from Dufton, you're better off doing the Gregs Hut route from Kirkland.

As an aside, when you get to the top the descent, some of which is paved is awesome - though i'm not sure the guys we were with would agree that that the descent was worth the ascent if you catch me.

I'll be looking to do this again, probs from Dufton or Garrigill and using the bridleway up to cross fell past Gregs hut rather than the PW from Dufton. As an aside we met an angry local farmer who wouldn't let us past his tractor - it was awkward and we had to take a costly detour.

For anyone interested the route is http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/16435889  please forgive me leaving the system on when i got back into the car!



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