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18/10/2018 12:24

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the short notice but due to unforeseen circumstances we need to swap this weeks and next weeks rides.
Ie Hamsterley will now be next week, Dufton this.

So, this SATURDAY is my 40 mile, double crossing of the North Pennines/Cross Fell and it’s an absolute belter!
It’s a big square on the map and roughly works out at 60% off road / 40% road on……. and u’ll be well glad of the black-top sections!
For a previous version check out here: https://vimeo.com/51396497

I’ve started at Dufton and Garrigill on previous outings but to keep the driving to a minimum we’ll be meeting 930am at COW GREEN Reservoir this time.
It’s pretty much the same time-wise to all the starting points but CGR is a good few miles closer and still gives a fast home leg to the cars.

The route starts at starts Cowgreen, turns west to pick up the Pennine Way then up, over and down to Dufton via High Cup.
Quick stop in Dufton then north along the valley roads to Blencarn.
From Blencarn we turn east for a steep climb back up onto the Pennine ridge, past Greg’s Hut and a fast rocky track down to Garrigill...........with a quick pub stop if they’re open.
It’s a bit of a steep tarmac climb on the C2C out of Garrigill to the main road where we’ll turn south past Yad Moss Ski area and over the County Border into Durham.
The last bit is the green lane which runs down the side of Cowgreen and back to the cars.

It’s a great ride, but for a better idea of what its like have a watch of the video I shot a few Octobers back: https://vimeo.com/51396497

There’s nothing particularly technical en route, bar the run down the side of the spectacular High Cup gorge.
However, there’s a significant height gain (and loss), plus it’s a big ride with no shortcuts and no bail-outs once we’ve gone over the top.
Also, while I don’t intend to make it a race we will need to keep a reasonable pace in order to get round in a sensible time.
As such I’ve graded this one BLACK.

Crossfell is always a fickle place to be, even in the Summer............ ask Steve Smith to show u the photo of the blizzard he got caught in during June a few years back!
That said, the weather leading up to this weekend has been great so I’m hoping the going will be firm over the moorland sections.
Also it looks like a good forecast for Sunday too – Light n high cloud, cool with little wind...... the perfect autumn day!

Meet Cowgreen Reservoir – 930am
Distance – 40miles
Terrain – Tarmac, rough double track, high open moor land, fast rocky descents.
Food – None on route - Bring plenty of trail munchies!
Grade – Black

If there’s questions, you want to discuss the ride suitability or clarify meeting place please get in touch.

And don’t forget to let me know by 630pm on FRIDAY if ure coming!


chairman@beamishoddsox.co.uk - 07941720596
HomeHomeEventsEventsRidesRidesThis weekend - Saturday 21st DuftonThis weekend - Saturday 21st Dufton