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07/10/2014 23:15

Ok, as promised here is the skinny on this years Barend trip. Don’t think there’s actually too much I need to say to be honest as most of you know all about it anyway and what a fantastic weekend it is.

For those that don’t know it’s a 3 night deal open to full club members in log chalets in Dumfries & Galloway here: http://www.barendholidayvillage.co.uk/  from Friday 14th to Monday 17th of November
The rides are all trail centre based allowing ALL abilities are catered for, so there’s no excuse for not coming!
As its 3 nights there’s the opportunity of doing 4 days of riding if you so wish and the generally the itinerary is this:
- Ride Ae or Mabie on way to cabins;
- Check-in and go for a swim n sauna;
- Meet up in the bar for food, beer n craic
- Drive to Kirroghree;
- Ride Bikes;
- Come back and go for a swim n sauna;
- Eat in individual cabins;
- Pile into one cabin for beer n craic.
- Ride from site into Dalbeattie;
- Comeback and have a swim n sauna;
- Pack and go home or stay over if u want
- Pack up and ride either Ae or Mabie on way home.
Mmmmm…. Seems to be a bike, swim, sauna, beer theme here but hey sounds great so why the hell not!
As per previous years I’ve booked 5 chalets giving 30 bed spaces; i.e. 6 to a chalet.
NOTE - Only £30 paid to the club will secure you one of the 30 spaces. So get ure names and money to me asap. No money = No place, without exception.
Let me know if you want the clubs bank details for on-line transfer but old fashioned, cold hard cash works just as well too!
Final thing to note is that while any club member can come along, priority will be given to those who have done ANY of the NOVA runs (inc the GNR).
Plus anyone who has done 2 or more away runs has the option to come for FREE!
(You will still have to pay to secure ure place however, and the £30 will be refunded at Barend)
Think that’s unfair??
Want to have a guaranteed or free place??
Well, unfortunately due to last minute drop-outs, we are STILL looking for riders in the next two NOVA runs. Steve Plews has already sent out emails saying so, but is having no response. C’mon, if you want the subsidies for the likes of Barend and the other events to continue then we need to do the NOVA stuff. Please contact Steve (07710284154) asap if you are able to help out.
Expecting the places to fill fast so get ure money in asap!

chairman@beamishoddsox.co.uk - 07941720596
HomeHomeEventsEventsHolidaysHolidays14th to 17th of Nov – Barend Weekend Away14th to 17th of Nov – Barend Weekend Away