Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer for members

Mountain biking is an inherently risky activity, and while we (The Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club) take precautions to ensure that our events are as safe as possible, the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual. During rides, the terrain will vary, and it is every individual’s choice of whether or not to ride a particular section. The Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club will not be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of any person participating in any of our events. The wearing of a helmet is compulsory on all club rides.

I agree that I understand the above and will abide by the terms and conditions required by the Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club for the safe participation in this activity and to act responsibly and adhere to the rules of the road and countryside. I accept that Ride Leaders, are there solely to indicate the route and it is my responsibility to ensure that I ride within my ability and the ride is carried out safely. I hereby maintain that I am fit and healthy enough to participate in the activity described above and my cycle is in a safe, legal and rideable condition. I also accept that the Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability during the rides.

Club members under the age of 18 must complete a parental consent form available upon request

Notes for Parents & Guardians

All participants under the age of 18 must have a signed parental consent form. The only exemption is where a young person having reached the age of 16 can prove that they are no longer living with their parents or guardian and are living as an independent adult. This needs to be proven by the supply of evidence such as a rent book or utility bill with the person’s current address in their name or a National Students Union membership card.

The minimum age for unaccompanied children on our rides is 16. There is no lower age limit if accompanied by a responsible adult acting in loco parentis, but a signed parental consent form is still needed. Children aged 16 to 17 may participate unaccompanied if they have parental permission and the parental consent form is signed. 

Parents or guardians must be aware:
•    of the demands of cycling and that they alone make the decision about the ability of their child to complete the ride. 
•    that while The Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club extends a welcome to cyclists of all ages and abilities, no special provision for children is provided on our rides.
•    Arrangements to get to and from the ride are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

The Beamish OddSox Mountain Bike Club, its members, and other participants may take photographs during the course of our events, mostly for private use but some may be for publicity purposes. It may be difficult to ensure that photographs in which your child appears will not be used in any way.  If you have concerns about this please speak to the leader/organiser.


Parents & Guardians Consent Form available here.